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MDAC Initiatives

MDAC Initiatives and Priorities

In pursuit of its primary goal to improve oral health equity in Maryland and contribute to the successful utilization of dental health benefits by eligible adults enrolled in Maryland Medicaid, MDAC is focusing 2023 - 2025 on working with coalition members, the Collaborative, and statewide partners to:

  • Increase consumer knowledge and participation in the Maryland Medicaid adult dental coverage program.  
  • Engage and collaborate with care coordinating professionals and consumer service organizations to ensure expanded education, resources, and linkage to care efforts for the Maryland Medicaid adult dental coverage.
  • Engage and inform consumers about the roll out of the new dental coverage, what services are available, how to check eligibility, and how/where to access care.
  • Collect narratives from care coordinators and adult Medicaid consumers about their experiences with accessing dental health care services in their area.
  • Continue to work with partners (consumer organizations, academic institutions, safety net providers) to integrate oral health care services into prenatal and postpartum settings.
  • Ensure utilization of the Medicaid postpartum dental coverage by working with public and private clinicians, home visitors, WIC, and Early Head Start to ensure pregnant people are aware of expanded pregnancy coverage (ie. immigrant communities).
  • Foster the integration of oral health care into the medical health care system.


On-Going Coalition Partnerships and Programming include: