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Maryland Oral Health Plan Goals

The Maryland Oral Health Plan 2018-2023 is a five-year roadmap to improved oral health for all Marylanders. It builds on the oral health improvements achieved since the release of the first state plan in 2011, identifies critical remaining gaps, and outlines strategies to expand access to oral health care, prevent oral diseases and injury, and improve the oral health and overall health of residents statewide. 

The plan is a framework to guide our collective efforts. It outlines 11 key goals, which are intentionally non-prescriptive to enable the development of innovative implementation strategies to meet the needs of Maryland’s unique regions and communities. 

Thanks to the collective efforts of MDAC and its coalition members, partners, and stakeholders, Maryland has become a model for the nation in improving the oral health of its children. Now we need to do the same for adults. Improved access to oral health care, more preventative oral health care programs, statewide oral health literacy campaigns, and higher levels of community awareness will all contribute to Improvements in the oral health status of all Marylanders. 

The Maryland Oral Health Plan is financially supported by the Maryland Department of Health.