Interprofessional Collaboration

T hrough MDAC's network of traditional and nontraditional partners, oral health education is reaching many non-dental professionals, organizations, students and faculty members from a wide array of disciplines (e.g. medicine, dental, social work, law, pharmacy and nursing). MDAC's interprofessional work has included oral health training to pediatricians, WIC coordinators and nutritionists, Judy Center coordinators and staff, librarians OB/GYN practitioners, students, and faculty. In addition to educational trainings, MDAC developed a children's oral health recommendation book list of over 50 children's books compiled by an interprofessional work group. A poster has been created describing the book review process and was presented at the fall 2014 Mid-Atlantic Medical Library Association meeting. Due to a high level of interest in this project, the poster will be presented at the Spring 2015 National Medical Library Association meeting in Texas.